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About Us » Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision, & Values



Mālamapōkiʻi provides a comprehensive early childhood education for three to six-year-olds. It is operated by Kanu o ka ʻĀina Learning ʻOhana (KALO), a non-profit corporation committed to sustaining lifelong learning through education in ways that advance Hawaiian culture for a sustainable Hawaiʻi. Grounded in an innovative pedagogy of aloha developed through ongoing action research, programs are designed to honor the past, address the present, and serve the future. Mālamapōkiʻi is the first step in this process.


Mission Statement


Mālamapōkiʻi provides keiki of Waimea and neighboring communities with opportunities to be immersed in a culturally-driven, family-oriented, community-based, developmentally appropriate learning environment. At Mālamapōkiʻi we are dedicated to helping keiki develop into confident individuals who are keenly aware of their sense of self and who are knowledgeable about their culture, language, and place. Integrated with a curriculum that centers on early childhood developmental theories, standards, and practices, Mālamapōkiʻi incorporates the values and traditions of the Hawaiian people into daily activities and provides a safe, nurturing place of learning for keiki, their parents, and community.


Mālamapōkiʻi Vision Statement


E kupu mai ana, oho a lau                               

No nā mea ma lalo, he mea māmalu

Pā mai ka lā, iho mai ka ua

Ulu nō.


Sprouting forth, until leaves form

A protector for all things below

The sun shines and the rain falls

Indeed Growth


A baby grows and becomes a young child

For these young children, we provide a caring place

A nurturing and loving environment

Where children will grow and prosper




Kanu o ka ʻĀina Learning ʻOhana embrace values that are rooted in ancient Hawaiian values based on five  ʻŌlelo Noʻeau that guide our school community:


          Aloha kekahi i kekahi

             Love one another


         Mālama i kou kuleana

            Take care of your responsibilities


         Kōkua aku kōkua mai

            Give help, receive help


         Mahalo i ka mea loaʻa

            Be thankful for what we have


         Kūlia i ka nuʻu

            Strive to reach the summit/highest